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Photo Shoot

Photos can also be a lot more impactful on a person’s imagination and emotion. The idea is that the hotel photoshoot is helping to tell the story of the brand, the hotel, and what the experience will be for the guests.

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Tell you tale via pictures or videos

Turn each social account into a lead generator.

The hotel should provide a wealth of opportunity to post great raw images. Sharing photos of guests, staff, the local area, meals from your kitchen, amenities etc, naturally take up more space in the newsfeed and draw a reader’s attention much more easily.

In an increasingly visual world, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more true when it comes to hotel marketing. When vacationers begin the process of choosing hotel accommodations, many are visiting multiple sources like the hotel website, OTAs, Facebook, Instagram before deciding where to book. Travelers often use pictures to see if a hotel matches their desired “look and feel” for a property. This is why photography is extremely vital and should be considered a top priority for hotel marketers.
That’s why spending the time and resources to ensure that you have thoughtful, well-curated photos of your hotel is worth the extra effort.


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