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GIF’s & Videos

There's a lot to gain when you use GIFs or Videos to market your business online. Below, we've outlined five reasons why animated images are the perfect visual component to add in your social marketing strategy

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The most beloved format to easily express creativity in today digital’s world

The presence of GIFs and videos on social media networks has increased dramatically over the past few years as brands started to incorporate them into their campaigns online. They leverage on animated images because they can deliver a strong emotional impact to their audience. Also, it resonates with people they want to connect to and provide a more effective way to reach their consumers in a form of communication they relate to.

  1. To Promote a Product or an Event
  2. To increase your audience retention
  3. To Showcase your Brand’s Personality and Creativity
  4. To Tell a Story or Explain a Process
  5. To Involve Your Audience

So, all the visual formats are here to stay and will continue to be a rising trend. So, if you’d like to set up your business up for success, then you should start incorporating animated images and videos in your marketing campaigns.


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