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Remote hiring: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips Workable

To ensure you’re on top of your game and focused with each candidate you meet, consider taking short breaks between interviews. Working from home, or any other space people find most comfortable, creates a more relaxed work environment and inspires a sense of safety and openness among candidates. However, there are still ways to learn more about the candidate’s EQ even in the virtual interview setting. Unfortunately, a virtual meeting space is not exactly the perfect environment to assess these skills. During interviews, you’re probably used to predominantly focusing on the skillset of the candidate and their IQs. Make sure to share all the meeting details and information with the candidates in a clear and timely manner.

Turn to this question to dig into how independent and proactive a candidate is when faced with a problem in a remote work remote interview process setting. It’s helpful to understand if asynchronous work is something your candidate is used to and experienced in.

Apply for Remote Jobs

Occasionally, you may even run into a company that “ghosts” prospective employees, leaving them dangling without a definite yes or no. This means decoding the job listing to determine which skills, qualifications, and achievements are most attractive to the employer.

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A remote video interview sure does put more of a face to a name than a simple phone call. This is especially true if you’re interviewing for a remote role, or if the company works in distributed teams. Outmatch, which was recently rebranded as Harver, is a video interview platform that provides assessment, reference-checking and cultural analytics, in addition to on-demand and live interviews. Log on early to ensure they know how the video interviewing software works. A live interview may be conducted on an application, like Zoom or other video conferencing programs, or a dedicated application for professional video interviews. A dedicated video interview application provides employers with more candidate tracking tools.

Prepare Your Space

Help eliminate distractions by picking a neutral background in a quiet part of your office or home. Eliminating background noise or distractions like flashy art or loud family members helps make sure that both you and the candidate are fully focused on the interview. Without someone physically showing up to an office for an interview, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget about a previously scheduled meeting. If you need more than one reminder, you can set a few throughout the week before the interview begins.

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