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Koinos Price in USD: KOIN Live Price Chart & News

Koinos Group is being modeled off traditional tech growth companies that sacrifice profits in the early years to build a user base and leverage unique knowledge of an ecosystem to find product-market fit for a high-margin software product. In a video game, mana is something you get simply for playing the game, but that is consumed down as you perform certain actions and regenerates over time. Users can then acquire more mana either by purchasing more of the “in-game currency” or by simply waiting. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics.

Fees are how human actors (miners/validators) set the cost of using the network which can lead to inefficiencies and perverse incentives. Eliminating the fees incidentally eliminates the need for a human actor and creates the opportunity for managing network resources via an optimized algorithm. When a transaction is accepted, the appropriate amount of mana should be consumed from both the target mana amount for the block and the user’s mana balance based on the price set by the algorithm. What is Koinos is not just a blockchain, it is a blockchain building technology (a “layer 0” like Hyperledger, Cosmos, Polkadot) that makes it far faster and easier to launch high performance blockchains with no fees and capable of evolution.


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About Koinos

In other words, upgradeability is the ultimate scaling solution which is why Koinos is designed to be the most upgradeable blockchain in the world. Whether the best solutions leverage inter-chain communication, sharding, or something else entirely, Koinos will be ready to take advantage of any or all of these. They call it state-paging and Koinos will be the first blockchain ever to have it.

Koinos will start with C++ support, followed soon after by typescript, and then whatever programming languages developers want most like .net and Go. The mana pricing algorithm, like all business logic on Koinos-based chains, should be implemented as an in-band upgradeable system contract which would mean it could ultimately be replaced without requiring a hard fork if a better solution emerges. However, we believe this to be extremely unlikely for several reasons which also highlight why the xyk algorithm is the ideal solution to this problem. Whatever amount of mana remains between the max mana and the mana price is not consumed and so that capacity (i.e. mana) should remain within the block and within the user’s account. The question that confronted Paul was not that God’s people were suggesting that somehow unclean animals had now been made clean, but the belief of some that no meat—even meat that had been created to be eaten with thanksgiving—should be eaten at all. The apostle points out that it would be wrong for the vegetarians to eat meat if they had doubts about it, as it would defile their consciences .


They have built a brand new, high performance, vertically scalable, blockchain framework which can acquire any feature through smart contract modules running in the virtual machine. Because these smart contracts can be upgraded in-band, any behavior can be added to the blockchain without requiring a hardfork. This unlocks a new capability they call “modular upgradeability” which resolves one of the biggest challenges facing existing blockchains.

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For instance, the common Greek spoken across the Roman Empire is called Koine. Koinos Group had to acquire its KOIN like everyone else through either PoW mining or open market purchases, making it impossible to confuse holding KOIN as any kind of investment in Koinos Group. This aligns its incentives with the incentives of the Koinos community. Any innovation must be engineered so that as adoption grows, the right scaling technologies can be integrated into it at the right time. Ethereum’s dominance as the blockchain of choice for DAOs remains strong, but there is a case being made for other chains which may be better suited. Market analysis confirmed that the second leading digital asset protocol Ethereum is still the best choice for establishing decentralized autonomous organizations despite experiencing heavy competition from rival protocols.

This is likely due to their familiarity with the algorithm and the nature of their opcode pricing mechanism. Ethereum tracks gas prices per VM opcodes which are combined into one gas price. This means that network resources are effectively intermingled such that it is not possible to optimize smart contracts based on network resource consumption. These are the features that most people are interested in (consensus algorithm, governance system, staking mechanism, resource system, etc.). We have internal designs of these systems that we have been refining as we developed the framework, but these will likely change as we begin implementing them in smart contracts.

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Token Locking & Regen

Furthermore, once the user has staked tokens, it requires a conscious action to unstake them. An ideal implementation of mana would be similar to gas in that every instruction would have a specific cost in mana. https://cryptolisting.org/ is designed to be VM-agnostic so that it can be rapidly upgraded to the best available WASM VM. Therefore, how opcode pricing is implemented will depend on the VM being used. At the moment, appears to meet our needs and there is an open issue detailing a method for benchmarking individual opcodes. If there is no opcode metering built in, opcode pricing can be determined through benchmarking on target hardware.

That’s why they launching the token on Ethereum, the blockchain with the most active users and why they put a lot of work into ensuring that the mining algorithm is both memory-hard and GPU resistant so anyone with a decent. They will be releasing a brand new cryptocurrency named KOIN onto the Ethereum network that you will be able to mine using just the CPU in a regular computer. Gas is not a token, it’s a powerful concept that allows miners and users to negotiate the price of computational resources thereby facilitating a decentralized exchange. Miners can look at how much it costs them to execute these same instructions in whatever currency they use to pay their bills and then convert that cost into ETH to effectively charge the unknown user. The purpose of the mana system is to allow liquid token holders to perform fee-less transactions in an economically sustainable manner while minimizing cognitive load. It is a dynamic system for incentivizing consistent network usage while mitigating spam thereby minimizing long term state growth.


That’s why we will only disclose these details as we begin working on those smart contracts in the coming months so be sure to follow us on social media for updates. But again, these features are optimized for efficiency, flexibility, and most importantly decentralization, not impressing people with large-but-meaningless numbers.The reason to be interested in Koinos is not because of the high level features . Even on a public Koinos-based blockchain, all the most important features can be upgraded by governance at any point without a hard fork, meaning that any high level feature is likely to change! We believe that this is not just a viable alternative to fee-based blockchain designs, but it is a superior implementation for blockchain resource management.

Ethereum PoW Mining

Because there are no fees, the user need only submit their transaction with the maximum amount of mana which they are willing to get consumed (“max mana”) and which represents how much of their tokens (e.g. KOIN) they are willing to get locked up temporarily. It is through the temporary locking of tokens that users will incur an opportunity cost as a disincentive to submit value-less transactions. To minimize cognitive load for users, the client library could specify a default max mana. When a smart contract is executed, the gas costs for each instruction called by the smart contract are summed. Most blockchains that claim “high composability” are just saying that they don’t have sharding, which is an attempt to rebrand a limitation as a value-add.

Vitalik invoked the concept of gas because it quickly conveyed the type of user experience one could expect to have on Ethereum. If you’ve owned a car then you understand that you need to buy gas which you will then consume down as you drive. To solve this problem Buterin invoked the widely known concept of “gas” which is distinct from the currency of the platform, Ether . His solution to the halting problem as described in the Yellowpaper was to assign gas costs to each instruction based on its computational cost. Adding two numbers would cost 3 gas, multiplying them would cost 5 gas, storing 1KB of data costs gas, etc.

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  • The less friction in a market, the more efficient that market functions.
  • This approach to staking for fee-less transaction capacity can be thought of as “dynamic staking” because the system automatically stakes the minimum necessary and then returns liquidity as quickly as possible, with no active participation from the user required.
  • To take advantage of this capability mana should not be implemented with a target consumption level like gas, but with resource pools.

Koinos is optimized for flexibility which means that it could shard, or not shard, based on the smart contracts that are running on it. Koinos is designed so that developers can use the programming languages they already know and love to build their applications, not learn new languages like Solidity. Any developer who can write a smart contract in Solidity can easily rewrite that smart contract in C++ or TypeScript, which are the first two languages Koinos will support. Mana delegation should be implemented as its own smart contract module.

Koinos FAQs

This perfectly describes an xyk market maker which also enables Koinos to have a market for each individual resource. Resource-specific mana prices can then be summed to a total that is charged to the user . This system would gradually and continuously charge users more mana as they consume more contentious resources and less mana for consuming underutilized resources . The end result is a simple, efficient, and dynamic system for determining resource costs based on user behavior that guarantees the lowest possible cost , while ensuring that the network is protected . With the mana resource model, the resources are tracked separately but the user is still only charged in mana. This is a subtle but important distinction because the consequence is a more efficient network.

In Romans 14, the subject is not clean and unclean foods but eating meat versus vegetarianism . Paul admonishes Christians not to pass judgment on others for eating meat or for eating only vegetables . Groups are not only the primary entry point into community within Koinos; they also represent the church on a personal level. Joining a community group is the best way to truly be a part of Koinos.

Delegation would give the recipient of the delegation full control over the specified amount of mana which effectively gives them control over the liquidity of the requisite amount of the delegator’s tokens. This would be useful for those scenarios where someone wants to delegate mana to another person outside of the context of any specific application. As such, the function of the mana delegation contract would allow a user to specify an account that would be the recipient of a delegation and the size of the delegation. The design of Koinos effectively has a kind of mana delegation built in without requiring additional system logic. Koinos smart contracts give a high degree of freedom to the smart contract developer.

This is a big problem because it means that there is no way for the system to disincentivize the consumption of scarce network resources . Mana solves this problem leading to a network that makes far more efficient use of resources. The ultimate scaling solution is the ability to rapidly integrate the most efficient, secure, and well-maintained scaling solutions as they emerge.

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How will Koinos scale?

Koinos is a blockchain framework designed to deliver the best blockchain-based user experience in the world, not necessarily the highest TPS number. It is a minimum viable blockchain waiting to get features from smart contracts that are uploaded by developers. This highlights how the modular upgradeability of Koinos reverses the development process allowing developers to defer commitment on high level features until late in the development process. The London Hard Fork bolsters this argument because it demonstrates the value in automating the process of resource management on a blockchain. Leaving users to bid on network resources is a highly efficient method for determining price, but it also results in the bidding up of prices. Introducing a market maker effectively forces market participants to collude with one another to set the price at the lowest viable price.The London Hard Fork appears to employ a market maker that leverages the same difficulty algorithm used in their consensus system .

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