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How to grow your brand with social media contests

How to grow your brand with social media contests

Do you want to connect with your customers or to engage with them, grow your followers and expand traffic on your social media page? This all can be done by Social Media Contest. Running social media contest is an amazing opportunity to promote your brand and product to the existing followers and generating new followers. It is the most effective way to boost your brand online in minimal budget.

In short, it is an amazing way for the brand to build strong, loyal and engaging followers for long term basis and can generate leads and turn them into sale. Many people come on social media platforms and follow pages of brands in the hope of contests and getting discounts or a product for free or a coupons or any give away can result in free marketing. It all comes up with a simple rule known as “Rule of Reciprocation” which means you give something of value to your customers and in exchange they connect with you, engage with your brand, share your post on their profile and encourage their friends to do same. To run social media contest, you need an effective strategy that can generate leads and engagement. So there are some strategies you can jump to make your social media contest a huge success-

1. Determine the purpose of the contest-
First of all, you need to figure out the purpose of launching a contest.
Whether you want to promote your product and services or you want
gain engagement on social media account. When brands are hosting a
contest, their usual goals are like-

  • Increase website traffic
  • Grow social media presence
  • Boosting brand or product engagement
  • Increase brand reputation
  • Build your Email list
  • Convert followers into leads and sales
  • Want to increase followers

It is very important to set a goal because it becomes very easy to come up with a
solid strategy and effective contest ideas to achieve desired goal.

2. Understand your target audience-
No matter what all changes come in the world of social media but one thing will never change to achieve goals is you need to know your target audience. Today audiences want to connect with the brand that offers something valuable to them. So it is important to segregate your target audience and keep everything  elevant to their interest and needs. So when you get clear about your target audience, it will become easier to keep them engaged and offer more relevant giveaways that matter them most.
3. Choose the type of contest and the giveaways-
Many contest get fail due to choosing wrong type of contest for their followers. Choosing right type of contest is first and foremost important step. There are some contest campaign ideas-

  • Video Contests
  • Vote Contests
  • Photo Contests
  • Comment Based Contests
  • Fan Content Campaigns
  • Sweepstakes
  • Like And Share Contests

Giveaways are totally depending on the goal of the contest, targeted audience and the budget. Choose giveaways that your target audience will love and get motivated to get engage with your brand. Rewards can be like free ticket, coupons, gift cards etc. so it will directly affect your contest and will boost your visibility and generate engagement.
4. Right tools to run your promotion-
If you want to run your giveaway promotion you should always use proper tool to run it. Using contest software like from Hootsuite or Rafflecopter for your social media contest is probably the best way to manage it.
5. Create your contest rules and custom hashtags-
Your rules for the contest should be mentioned and should be clearly display for everyone who enters the contest. Hashtag also play a very important role in running contest and making it successful. Coming up with a unique a hashtag that reflect your brand identity and what the contest is about will extend the reach of the contest and will generate more engagement.
6. Promote your contest-
You can promote your giveaway promotion activity through free or by boosting it. By this you can promote it to a wide range of audience by which engagement and participation will increase. Brands can take advantage of social media contest to engage more and more followers and can generate engagement and
traffic to the page. It is the best way to gain organic likes share and impression.

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